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Quality Hunting Dogs & Enjoyable Family Companions. Classic Good Looks Tenacious Desire to Hunt Retrieve. For the Hunter of upland game and waterfowl pointer/retriever with power and elegance . Superb nose and desire in the field, yet calm affectionate Companions and Service Dogs and Therapy  we also have several dogs involved in drug enforcement work in the D.C. area San Antonio and Washington State We take great pride in the fact that we have Candlewoods, Gator Points, Black Water Rudy, Black Water Bart and Ebonstar Lean Mac, and Fargo  in our pedigrees

Abbie is Black Water Rudy Black Water Bart Rowdy Yates Tank and Super Tanker and all them Candlewoods Champs Abbies bloodlinesFC AFC Blackwater Rudy MH FC AFC Blackwater Bart II ( BLK ) Hips: LR-45510G27M (Good) Eyes: LR-5992 (Normal) 1989 NAFC-FC The Little Duke Of Fargo ( BLK ) Hips: LR-32504 FC-AFC Ebony Comets Duke (.AIN STAR II ( BLK ) Hips: LR-17689 FC-AFC-CFC Rascals Medicine Man ( BLK ) Hips: LR-6865-NORMAL DOUBLE GS BABY SNOOKS ( BLK ) Little Misty Of Tulsa QAA ( BLK ) Hips: LR-33523G49F (Good) Eyes: LR-5171 (Normal) FC-AFC-CNFC Hiwood Piper Pacers Pic (1998 Hall of Fame) ( BLK ) Hips: LR-14200 (Normal) 82 NAFC-FC-CNFC Pipers Pacer ( BLK ) Hips: LR-10116 (NORMAL) All Stars Jumping Joy ( YLW ) Hips: LR-9796-Normal FC Ebony Comets Misty ( BLK ) AFC Westwinds Pedro ( BLK ) Hips: LR-11901N26M Wanapums Ebony Comet *** ( BLK )

Abbie is cnm cy dm eic hnpk huu pkd prc sd2 tested negative thru DNA

​ Puppies are here we have 2 litters on the ground Abbie has Black and Chocolate and Jazz has Black and Chocolate jazz is Fargo and Ebonstar Lean Mac bloodLines her father is a titled Master Hunter tons of Red in pedigree 8-01-22 

New 9-28 Rita had her pups we now have 3 litters on the ground chocolate black and light yellow almost white call for pictures




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